Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the new design?
The new rooms at Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen are inspired by elements representative of Costa Rican coffee plantations, using elements and special decorative details like the oxcarts, wood accents, and lamps with traditional fabrics, we were able to capture the essence of the property, which beautifully incorporates historical artifacts and materials, delivering a refreshed look and feel to this Hacienda.

What color is the new color palette?
Our color palette was inspired by the coffee bean process � from fruit to roast � with terracotta and crimson tones accented throughout guestrooms.

What are the highlights of the new room?
Our new rooms blend the traditional elements of a coffee hacienda with the modern comforts our guests expect from our hotel.
With the latest technology and energy efficiency, our rooms feel welcoming yet modern. Our new rooms include bathrooms featuring mirrors with built-in lighting, granite countertops, and rain showers that evoke the climate of the Costa Rican tropics, special flooring in place of carpets, new chaise lounges, and accents made of maple wood that meet sustainability standards.